Say “cheese”…

I love taking pictures- I have been recently trying to take more artistic photographs. I am sure that professional photogs are laughing at my attempts to imitate them, the budget doesn’t allow for all of the professional photo sessions I would love! I recently came across this article in my Facebook TimeHop and it really reminded me that as much as I love taking photos, I have to get better with printing and displaying them. Since Molly hasn’t developed the ability to roll her eyes at me or ignore my pleas to stay still for a photo (yet) she has become my most recent model (or victim!).

Here are my three most favorite shots of her to date:

The first one (in which you can see the flower I made for an infant hat) was actually used on her birth announcement. The one in the hat features a hat from my friend Kelly, who owns Loopsy Daisy Gifts. My kids have a ton of her hats – I especially love the Saint Patrick’s Day hats- it’s always cold here for the parades & we always wear them! I even got adventurous and used PicMonkey to play with the color.

In Molly’s bedroom, I have been slowly building a gallery wall of canvas prints. It’s a hybrid of some of the professional photos from Kateigh and Ben (when Molly went rogue, refused to sleep and cried the ENTIRE time) and photos I took. I have been hoarding vouchers from sites like Groupon and Living Social. They offer great canvas deals on regular basis, which has made this ongoing project totally affordable.


I also have been taking her monthly photos, in which I intend on using 4″ square prints to create a collage in a large frame. Since she’s only three months, I clearly have awhile to go to get the photos needed for this project 🙂

My older girls share a room and I have been working on their photo wall, too. I am using white frames for their room- and have used some of these photos on Delaney’s wall. We had a inpromtu shoot one day when she asked to wear my wedding dress. I just started snapping away & loved the result. She was my “helper” when I took Molly’s Easter Photo and hopped in for some ear-wearing, too!

My son’s photo wall is also in progress.. Collecting frames & adding photos to them as we go. Now that I am printing and displaying photos, my next goal is to actually get into some of these pics!


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